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Someone has been where you are,           Someone is where you want to be ,               You are not alone!


Campaign Kindness
The Penny Project
I am a "STAR"
Smile & Say Hello

Do You Like To Bring Smile to Someone's Face?  

Me too!  It actually feels good to do something nice for someone. 
 Kindness is desperately needed in this "crazy" world of ours!
 No time to waste - start your own personal "kindness campaign" today.

Not Sure How?  
No problem - We've got ya covered! 
One small act of kindness can make a difference in somebody's day.
Often, all is takes is a simple hello and a smile.

(these may seem trivial but they work)
Here are some of the cards we came up with- be creative, have fun with it! 



You Matter

Give Random Hugs
Volunteer to Tutor
Talk to the Elderly
Give a Compliment
Acknowledge the Homeless
Buy a Stranger Coffee
Ask About Someone's Day
Give Water to a Runner
Put Your Phone Down
Send a Love Letter
Practice Gratitude
Send Someone a Smile
Write to a Soldier
Share a cab
Give Away $1 Bills
Show More
Enjoy the Moment