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Someone has been where you are,           Someone is where you want to be ,               You are not alone!

conversations that matter


Mine is Conversations that Matter. You see, besides my children, what I value most in this world is connection.  Not only the connection that you find in relationships but the connection that can be created with a total stranger. I refer to this as connection without agenda. It's  here in these brief moments that you realize that in this world of over 7 billion people none of us is truly alone.  All it takes is the willingness to see a little bit of you in everyone you see. 

We talk to women from diverse backgrounds about their life experiences and how they deal with issues like love, trust, relationships, fears, hopes and dreams. We uncover just how similar we are as women. 


Through these conversations it becomes clear that whether we reognize it or not, much of who we are today is shaped by our experiences of yesterday. For many women the secrets and shame of their stories keep them feeling "stuck" and often alone. 


Conversations that Matter provides a safe space for women to share whats on their minds and in their hearts. Vulnerability can be intimidating. The women who share with us uncover the power in freeing the story. Most say that after having a Conversation that Matters they feel light and free!

I would like to thank all of these women for their courage to share their innermost thoughts and feelings to a potential audience of over 7 billion. 

Click on a picture to hear the Conversation that Matters
Special Appearance by June Robbins, one of the original "Rosie the Riveters" from WW II

Meet Dawn

Meet Naikkerra

Meet Stacey

Meet Stacy

Meet Kernie

Meet Marjorie

Meet Shanita

Meet Deanna

Meet Sharrandall

Meet Geraldine

Meet Cheneka

Meet Tamika


" I wanted other women, who might relate to my inner struggles, to know they are not alone and its okay to be open. What I got out the interview was courage and strength. It made me reevaluate my life and the things that made me who I am; I was so consumed with being a mother and wife that I forget what made me happy and how I am much more than "somebody's something" 

                                                                                ~ N.K.